Marriage is an official confirmation of love. It means the promise of support in good and bad. To give someone the best part of yourself and in exchange demand as much as she/he is able to give. To respect someone, share with her/him thoughts and dreams and build a common life. To give someone all love, and respect – for today and for all life. Getting into marriage is not a step – it is an action.

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Do You Want a Video at All?

If you aren’t sure whether you actually want a wedding video at all, our advice is to do it! Don’t make the mistake of thinking a video might be boring or embarrassing – a skilled videographer will make sure it’s neither.

A wedding video is something to be treasured for generations – imagine how valuable it will be to your great-great-grandchildren. You can discard a video you don’t like but you can’t create a video you didn’t shoot.

In virtually all cases a competent professional will produce a much better video than even the most enthusiastic amateur. There are many aspects to wedding videography which can only be learnt through years of experience dealing with this genre. If you choose to use a non-professional, make sure you understand and accept this fact.

How to Choose a Wedding Videographer
There are many things to look for in a wedding videographer but the critical factor is experience. Wedding videos are a specialist product and you need someone who understands the genre inside and out.

However this just means you need to be careful – there are still plenty of excellent videographers who do weddings for genuine reasons. The key is to find out about their experience.

Communication Skills
The videographer should be able to get on with people and communicate well. Effective communication is important to make the day run smoothly, as well as making sure that everyone knows what to do and what to expect in relation to the video.

Videographers need to work with both guests and other professionals. If there is a dispute between them and the celebrant or photographer, the quality of the video could be affected.

Making good wedding videos is an expensive business and professionals need to charge a lot of money to turn a fair profit. You should regard cheap quotes with suspicion.

We can’t give a specific price guide here because they vary so much from place to place, but professional videography is usually at least as expensive as professional photography.

Remembering that most videos require several days of skilled labour with expensive equipment, you can see why good video production costs a lot.

Cameras & Equipment
You might like to ask what type of video camera and other equipment will be used. If you are familiar with video equipment this information might be useful but it’s probably not necessary. An average camera in the hands of an expert is better than the most expensive camera operated by an average videographer.

It is definitely worth asking how many cameras will be used. A single camera is not really capable of capturing everything properly and safely. Two cameras will allow for much better shots and significantly reduce the chance of missing something important. A third camera, usually left on a static wide shot, provides even more safety and creative options.

Editing & Final Versions
Editing is very important. Good-quality editing will make a huge difference. Ask these questions:

  • How long will the final product be?
  • Can you have more than one version, e.g. a full version and a 15-minute highlights package?
  • What titles, captions, etc will be included?
  • Will the DVD have a title menu?
  • Will music be added?

Video Format
Ask what format the video will be shot and supplied in. We recommend that you ask for HD or 4K format if at all possible. In the future, everyone will be used to watch 4K UHD all the time.

As well as the DVD or video tapes supplied for normal viewing, you should ask for a master-quality version in the original format. You can use this version at a later date for further editing or transferring to new video formats. Note that this is not a normal request and the videographer might be surprised when you ask for it. Make sure you ask before the wedding day.

All formats die eventually and you will probably need to transfer your video to another format at least once during your life. Although you can convert video files from the DVD format, it is preferable to have a better-quality file to work with (on tape).

You might also like to ask about other formats such as streaming video for the internet.

Copyright and Extra Copies
Usually, many videographers retain the copyright of the finished product so they can charge extra for additional copies. We feel that this is unjustified but you might have no choice. In any case, it’s important to clarify the situation before the wedding.

What to Expect From a Wedding Video
This page is a reality check. Many people assume that if they hire a professional wedding videographer, their wedding video will be as good as what they see on television. It’s common for people to recall a wedding scene in a movie or TV program and imagine something similar starring themselves.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. Why? Because a television production is scripted and produced with only video production in mind. The wedding scene is created solely for the purpose of looking good on video. The lighting is specially designed, the sound is recorded using methods impractical for real weddings, and every shot receives individual attention over an entire shooting session.

In contrast, wedding videos must be shot in real-time, in real places, using ordinary people. If the lighting is poor, the videographer just has to deal with it. If someone coughs during the vows, the videographer can’t stop the action and tell you to start again.

Not surprisingly, there is also the issue of money. Your wedding video may seem expensive but it’s very cheap compared to television production. Television companies can afford equipment and other resources which are not economical for even the most expensive wedding video production.

Wedding videos can be very high quality but they can never be quite the same as a professional TV production.

Choose the best videographer you can afford. If necessary, make compromises on expenses for things which won’t live as long as the video. It’s a decision you won’t regret.


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